It is a difficult choice to find the best hotel when you go to visit a historical place, business trips and other cities for meetings. Even for a short time, people are looking for comfortable and budget friendly service. The star of your hotel, quality of service and location are very important. But the reservation may not be as you would like and may cause you to have an awful holiday. But if you pay attention to a few things we will talk about a little later, your holiday will be filled with real joy and memorable pleasant memories.

What to look out for when choosing a hotel,

First of all, you need to do some good research on the internet. Once you have specified the name and address of the area you would like to accommodate, you can review the hotels in this area via Google. Also, when booking a hotel, the advices and testimonials of people who have been staying before will help you to decide best hotels.

It is worth noting that there is an activity on the date of your visit. Especially if there is a event in the area you are going to travel abroad, hotel prices can increase significantly.

When making a reservation, be absolutely sure that breakfast is included in the price. If you are happy to start the day with a nice breakfast in the morning, do not miss this important detail.

Keep track of social media reviews about the hotel you choose, especially Facebook and Instagram accounts and what the users share.

It is a seriously important detail that your room is clean, spacious and comfortable even if you use it for sleeping only.

It is very essential that the hotel has Airport Transfer service, which you will also book at the same time. In a city you have never been before, it can be challenging to access between airports and your hotel in an easy, fast and cheap way.

If you want to visit İstanbul in your holiday, Aleph Hotel Istanbul offers you a unique sea view of Istanbul and its history together. If you want to stay in and around Sultanahmet where combines history, architecture, culture and art with works from the three empires on your Istanbul trip, you can stay at Aleph Hotel Istanbul, which is pleasing to your taste and budget. Aleph Hotel Istanbul, boutique hotel that have sea view rooms, offers guests a wide range of facilities & convenience & amenities for their pleasure throughout the hotel.

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