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Istanbul Archeology Museum is Turkey’s most important archaeological museum. The bases of the formation of the Istanbul Archeology Museum, one of the first places that came to mind when the places of interest were mentioned in Sultanahmet sightseeing places, were dumped in 1846 with the collection of Ancient Works of Damat Ahmed Fethi Pasha. A catalog for the collection was prepared and moved to the Chinese Pavilion over time and Osman Hamdi Bey was brought to the museum directorate in 1881. The museum building, we see today was built by architect Alexandre Vallaury. Although the aim was to protect Ottoman artifacts, works of many different periods and civilizations were preserved up to daylight. Some of the works you should definitely see at the Istanbul Archeology Museum are: Priene sculpture from the Hellenistic period, Satrap tomb from the 5th century, Five statues of God from the Roman era, Alexander tomb, BC. 5th century wild boar sculpture, Assos Athena Temple, Phrygian pottery.


Topkapi Palace is an Ottoman dynastic palace located in Istanbul. The palace, which is located at a point where the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus are dominant, was not built in one time. It is made up of additional buildings built over time as the residence of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. Between 1459 and 1465, Topkapi was used not only as a place of residence but also as an Enderun Mektebi who trained soldiers and civil servants. In the 18th century, after the dynastic family moved to Dolmabahçe, it was turned into a museum in 1924. The palace consists of four courtyards and a harem. Each section has its own unique characteristics. The first is the Archeology Museum, the second palace is the Tower of Justice, the third is the school department, and the last part is the social activities for the ruler and family. Some of the sections you should absolutely see are Divan-ı Hümayun, İftariye Cameri, Bağdat Köşkü, III. Ahmet Library, Valide Sultan Room, Double Crescent, Harem Ağaları Taşlığı.


Basilica Cistern is the largest underground cistern of the Eastern Roman Empire. The Basilica Cistern, built under a basilica in the 6th century, is 140 meters long, 70 meters wide. During this period, the water was transported from the Belgrad Forests, which is about 19 meters from the harbor. The building stands on 336 columns. Basilica Cistern, which was used as a cistern in the Ottoman period, was opened in the aftermath after being restored in the 1980s.


Haseki Hamamı, Hamam opposite Hagia Sophia. The bath made by Mimar Sinan between 1556 and 1557 was made at the request of Hürrem Sultan. The women’s and men’s section of the bath is separated by a 75-meter wall. Haseki Hamami, which has been closed for a long period, is used as a carpet and rug sale point even if it is organized as a museum.


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