In terms of places to visit, Sultanahmet has many items from historical, tourist, cultural, architectural and local aspects and it is in the first place on the list of best Istanbul places to visit. The name “Sultanahmet” is taken from the Ahmet the First, who built the Blue Mosque. The first hill of Istanbul, known as the seven-hill city, is Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet combines history, architecture, culture and art with works from the three empires. If you want to get to know Istanbul, Sultanahmet, which is one of the places where you should take the most time, is very rich in terms of places to visit. Every age and every interest group appeal to the Sultanahmet. This place is crowded with local and foreign tourists in every period of the year.


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Sultanahmet Square is the most famous square in Istanbul whichever way you look at it and see something worth visiting. A hippodrome was first built by the Roman Empire in Sultanahmet Square in the 2nd century. In addition to the horse races, other social activities such as music, dance and acrobatics were organized on the hippodrome, and later, works such as Hagia Sophia, Knit Column, Obelisk and Serpent Column were made around this hippodrome. The square has been preserving its importance throughout the ages.


Hagia Sophia Museum is one of the most important members of world cultural heritage. The building, which was built as a church opposite the Blue Mosque, was transformed into a mosque after the conquest of Istanbul and turned into a museum in 1935. It is thought that the construction was completed in the 4th century. In this period, it was decided to build a larger church instead of a burning church. The architects of Hagia Sophia, made of brick, stone and marble, are Mathematician Anthemios and Miletus Isidoros. Some of the sections and works you should definitely see in Hagia Sophia are: Jesus Christ’s and Mary’s Mosaic, the Prophet over the Imperial Gate. Kneeling in front of Jesus VI. Leon Mosaic, Deesis and Komnenos Mosaic in the Upper Gallery, Henricus Dandolo Mausoleum, Mahmud the First Library.


The Blue Mosque, the mosque and the complex located directly opposite Hagia Sophia. The foundations were made in 1609 during the reign of Ahmet the First. Although the opening was made in 1616, it was completed in 1619. There are complexes, madrasahs, schools, bazaars, imaret and tombs in the mosque. It is also called “Blue Mosque” because of the blue tiles inside of Sultanahmet which is the only six minaret mosques of Istanbul. The dome of the Sultanahmet Mosque, which is the first of the places to see the Sultanahmet, is 33.6 meters in height, 43 meters in height. The madrasa, which is in a building with 260 windows, is now used as the prime ministry archive.

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