The Golden Horn separates the historical Peninsula and the Beyoğlu (Pera) side from each other, and it is one of the most beautiful regions of Istanbul with its historical, cultural and physical structure. It is known as Khrysokeras, the Golden Horn, in the early ages due to its horn shape extending from the south of the Bosphorus to the west.

The Golden Horn is formed as a result of joining the Alibey Stream (Kydaros) and the Kağıthane Stream (Barbyzes) 7000 years ago with sea water coming from Istanbul Bosphorus. It is estimated that the earliest settlements in Istanbul are located in this region, on the coast of the Golden Horn and on the valleys of the Alibey and Kagithane Rifts or on the hills that dominate them.

It is possible to see the traces of many civilizations and different cultures on the Golden Horn shores. The Byzantine and Ottoman traces are mostly found in the neighborhoods. In addition to a significant portion of the Greek Cypriot population of the city, Jews, Turks, Armenians from Spain came to dwell in the Golden Horn and thus transferred their culture to the Golden Horn.

The Fener and Balat districts, which are located in the middle of the Golden Horn, have streets full of wooden houses, churches and synagogues dating from Byzantine and Ottoman times. At the same time the Orthodox Patriarchate is here.


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St. George Fener Greek Patriarchate and Aya Yorgi Church are located in the Fener district of the Golden Horn and are also home to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in their hunting grounds.

There are many precious objects in the Aya Yorgi Church and the throne from the 5th century is the most remarkable factor among them.


Aya İstefanos Church is located on Mürsel Paşa Street in Golden Horn. It is also known as the Bulgarian Church. The iron molds used in the structure were brought from Vienna by ship in 1871.


The Ahrida Synagogue, which is located in the Balat district of Istanbul, is the oldest synagogue in Istanbul with its Baroque style and its name was taken from the town of Ohri, Macedonia. The synagogue established in the Byzantine period is still active and open for worship. The most noteworthy part of the synagogue is the Holy Sandbox, which is indoors and covered with magnificent tapestries.


The Fethiye Mosque, located in the Fener district of Istanbul, was built as a Byzantine church and was built in the 16th century during the Ottoman Empire. It was transformed by the Murat the Third into a monument in honor of the conquests of Georgia and Azerbaijan and named as Fethiye Mosque. Fethiye Mosque is a building worth seeing with its architectural and eye-catching mosaics. The main building of the building is still serving as a mosque.


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